There is no one quite like him.

There is no one quite like him.


10/∞ wikipedia players

Patrick Kane && Jonathan Toews





He’s more of a nerd and a, you know, quiet introvert type guy. You know, he just puts on a show for everyone.

stop. talking.

wow 19 seconds long and you’re pretty sure the gifs will have prepared you but no.  no, i was entirely unprepared for this.

#tazer: eternally salty that he got saddled as the serious one and kaner ‘got to be’ the party boy#he probably leaked that college beer-bonging picture himself#bros for life#gifs that make living life difficult

#holy shit tazer’s laugh in that is adorable #i love this epic campaign they’re on #to rebrand each other #no guys seriously #tazer is the silly one #and kaner is the serious one #THE CAKE IS A LIE (via demotu)

7/24/14: [X]

Jonathan Toews and his assets in the off-season [X]
Jonathan Toews and his assets in the off-season [X]
7/24/14: “No plans for Twitter?” [X]


Favorite summer activity (in Chicago)? [x]

oduya: #if you’d told me two years ago that i’d care so much about some white guy waterskiing i’d have laughed at you

7/23/14: Kane & Toews on new contracts [X]





why be a hockey wife when you can be hockey

the power within

Be a hockey puck, get banged by the whole team.

Better yet, be a ref and fuck all 30 NHL teams.

This is my favorite post on all of tumblr